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December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Sweat dripped down her back; butterflies gathered in her stomach as she bit her fingernails and walked down her long narrow block. As soon as she arrived home, her sister Rani demanded to see her test. She slowly and cautiously took out the crumpled piece of paper that she was so nervous about and which determined her future. Suddenly, within a blink of an eye, her sister Rani smacked her.
“What is this?” (Pointing at the test paper) Rani Screamed
She had no answer. It was silent for a moment. The only noise that came from her was the sound of her tears.
“How and why did you get an 80? Where are the other 20 points?” Rani Demanded
“Um...Um” She mumbled
“Next time I better see a 100” Rani shrieked

She stood there crying, tears rolling down her face as fast rain falls down a steep hill. Many years passed by, and within this time her grades began to improve. She now happily and excitedly handed her test papers to her sister Rani. One day...
“Wow” Rani Exclaimed.
“You’ve been receiving 100’s on your past few tests” Rani said with relief.
“Yeah, I know, but you don’t seem happy, what’s the matter?” She questioned.
“Well I am happy, I am actually extremely happy that I am almost relieved” Rani said with a smile.
”What do you mean?” She questioned.
“As you know I dropped out of high school. I promised myself and mom and dad that I would never let anyone else commit the same mistake I did. I regret dropping out.” Rani said as her smile slowly faded away.
“It’s okay, I know, it’s not your fault” She says with encouragement.
“Do you ever know why I smacked you when every time you got grades lower than a 100? I did not want you to go through the same thing I did...Tell me you will never give up.” She said with hope.
“I promise I will never give up. I also promise to move forward and achieve my goals.” She said happily.
A few years pass by; she successfully graduates from elementary and middle school. She is currently in high school. Furthermore she has grown academically, emotionally, and mentally. Strong, encouraged, and brave she has learned to make decisions based on morality and not hate and embarrassment. If obstacles strike in college she will not quit, instead she’ll move on and one day will be the winner.

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