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The Sticky Side of Tape

January 19, 2023
By Anonymous

The scariest part of most horror movies is when the victim's mouth is taped shut. This event is when you know, it’s game over for them. The power of  voice is often underestimated, until you are in a life altering situation and can no longer communicate that you need help. This helplessness, this defeat, in knowing that no one can hear you, is a terrifying experience. 

The earth that we inhabit has been at risk for years. As the years, months, days, minutes, and seconds tick by, I hear them laughing as we continue to live in complete oblivion. Scientists are walking out of their jobs, refusing to work. Wildfires are ravaging over the west.ater is flooding the streets of towns and wiping out everything they have. Animals that have lived peacefully on this earth long before us are counting their days. And the planet is practically crying for help. Humans, instead of using their power to change this, have grabbed the sturdiest tape and silenced the statistics, science, experts, and catastrophic events proving that how we are living is damaging our home. That being said, one of my biggest questions related to my career in Environmental Studies and Sustainability is: What if no one will listen? What if I discover and try to enlighten society with life altering information, but no one can hear me? What if I end up in a dark room helpless with my mouth taped shut?

The earth is my deepest passion. Every aspect of it exhibits diversity and beauty that I want to protect and conserve at all costs. However,  there is always fear that it is pointless to try because the planet is already too far gone. The issue is, climate scientists are proving ways we can change the course of our planet, but many do not care enough to do so.  There cannot be change unless everyone works together. A single person cannot lift a car, but if enough people put in effort, it is possible. With collaboration and unity, anything is possible. But, with no immediate danger, most do not find it worthwile to reach out and help. 

What if I can’t handle this? What if I get too tired trying to pull the weight of others? But also, what if I can change the world? What if I can find a way to remove the tape and get people to listen? My dad always says, “it doesn’t matter where you go to school, or what job you have, as long as you are the best at what you do, you can find a way to help others.” I believe that I have what it takes to work and become the best at whatever Environmental related career I go into. I may have fears or doubts now, but if it is what I was meant to do, then I know that I will make a difference one day.  Because ultimately without our planet, we are nothing.

The author's comments:

My name is Reagan Nelson. I am a senior in high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have always enjoyed writing and used it as a way to demonstrate my creative abilities. Growing up, I was always told by my family that math was far more important and useful than English. As a learned more about myself through my youth, I experienced and witnessed many things that highlighted the importance of writing and literature. My mind was truly opened after taking AP English Language and Composition my sophomore year. Writing everyday sharpened my abilities making daily tasks involving writing much easier and enjoyable. The piece that I am submitting is a scholarship essay that I wrote when applying for college. The prompt was: 

“Identify two big questions related to your career aspirations or choice of major that you would like to spend serious time thinking about, and tell us why you chose them.” I used a metaphor to demonstrate the struggles that I am worried about facing in my future career in Environmental Science. 

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