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This I Believe

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you ever start a trend, and in only a week it seems as if everyone is doing it? Well you’re not alone, that’s exactly what happened to me. I believe what goes around comes around.

Oh my goodness today is the day you vote for best dressed. I remember this day just like it was yesterday. Today I need to find a cute, unique, and most of all an outfit to make me stand out from Hailey - my competition. So I gave my closet a good stare and finally got the nerve and guts to wear my legwarmers. I had no idea what people would say, but I was willing to take the risk. As I walked into school first thing I see is Hailey and her friends, not only looking at me head to toe, but making fun of me. So Hailey walked up to me and said “What are on your legs, I would never ever in my life wear them.” So the day goes on, and comes to find out I get many of complements. As the principals tally up the scores I realize that Hailey has beaten me, but only by thirteen points. No big deal. The point is by the end of the year everyone was wearing them, including her. So once or if you start something new give it time, and soon it will soon be the cool thing.

But a new trend is not the only thing that eventually goes around. Do you dread the day midterms or even report cards come out? I know for a fact I do. I go to homeroom nervous and anxious to pick up my midterm. I try to think and realize its only midterm no need to get myself all worked out, but that plan failed to work. So first thing I do is look at my grades and hope I want to show them to my parents, but that isn’t the case this time. I had a D- in algebra, and I know that’s not the kind of student I should be. Since its only midterms I figured it would be nice to not show my parents, lord knows I can bring it up by report cards, and that’s what really matters. But this plan seemed to fail as well. My sister comes home, and whips out her oh so straight As. So of course my parents ask me where my midterm is, and I stick to my word and didn’t tell, instead I lie and say we have not got ours yet. Without knowing my mom calls the school and asks when our midterms come or have they already came out. As I get off the bus and open the door, first thing I hear is my mom questioning me to no end about midterms. Questions such as, “Are you sure you haven’t got it yet, and did you just not want me to know about your grades?” So by this time I realized she knew the truth, and I bursted out in tears crying as I’m told her the truth. It wasn’t so bad other than the yelling and lecture I had gotten from both my mom and dad.

But my bad grade probably leads to the drama in school. Drama, drama, drama, that’s all school is. In 8th grade one of my friends got a note from my Best friend ever, Ashley saying bad things about me. The note said all sorts of things, and trust me they weren’t too nice. For example it said things such as: she’s two faced, I never did like her, she’s a back stabbing friend, and most of all I want her and her boyfriend to break up. So first thing I do when I read this is take it to Ashley, and question her. But she denies that she wrote it, and I believed her. So after that I went to Brandon (my boyfriend) and showed him the note, and he was not to happy. So with his and Ashley’s determination we found out who really wrote the note, and we had a one on three talk. So after this, I learned that once drama starts it never ends.

If you start something or something starts be prepared for it to go around. I realized that what goes around will always come around, but knowing me I learned it the hard way. Be prepared and always think before your actions and it will make not only life but school much more enjoyable.

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