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By Anonymous

   The time I spent in the English composition course "Write for College"was time well used. Although attending classes was the last thing I wanted to dowith my summer vacation, the material proved to be interesting, the homework wasmanageable, and the information has been very useful in school this year. Byexamining examples from the works of actual authors, our instructor taught us todevelop clauses, sentences, paragraphs, and entire essays for maximumeffectiveness.

"Write for College" helped me identify andcorrect faults, write with greater confidence, and produce essays which are moreprecise and easier to read. With small classes, there was a lot of personalattention. Classes met daily for an hour and a half, for four weeks, and wereheld near Belmont (MA) Center. For each class, there was a written homeworkassignment.

The skills I learned have been useful in class assignments,writing for our school newspaper, and increasing my confidence as I approachcollege application essays this fall. Being able to break down sentences andparagraphs was also helpful in taking the reading comprehension section of theSAT. Although attending English composition classes may not be comparable tospending a day at the beach, "Write for College" is interesting andworth the effort.

For more information, write: Write for College,26 Cushing Avenue, Belmont, MA 02478 Tel. (617) 489-5662

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