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West Chester University Summer Institute Enrichment Program MAG

By Anonymous

     West Chester, PA: Over the summer I spent a week at West Chester University in a program called the Summer Institute Enrichment Program. SIEP taught me about West Chester University and the social pros and cons of an environment without the security and motivation of your parents. The program was designed to give us the experience of waking up on our own, learn time management, helping us discover future careers, and viewing college life from the undergraduates' point of view. There was an itinerary for all the classes we had to attend, meal times, and free time to bond with other people.

I was delighted to be on my own for a week. The classes were very enriching and I learned tips for taking the SATs, how to be successful in college, and how to write college essays. There was a group project where we had class and free time to work on an assignment. I wanted to finish it early but whenever I had free time, I would sleep or explore the campus. So two days later, I told myself to focus and stop dodging the assignment and responsibilities. Thankfully, I finished the project a day before it was due.

I learned many aspects of college life. One major problem for many college students is time management. This program was an unforgettable experience because I met so many people and learned life lessons. One important rule I learned is not to procrastinate and to keep my priorities straight, and graduate from college.

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