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Guitar Hero: World Tour

By Tony Hammons BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Tony Hammons BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Guitar Hero: World Tour is the newest installment in the plastic imitation of real instruments video game series. World Tour has gone the way of Rock Band and has added drums and a microphone to the existing guitar portion of the game. A character creator and custom song creator have also been added to expand the game's features. Some of the new features are excellent, but others fall short. The best new feature offered in World Tour is that all of the game's 86 songs are master recordings, which means that each of the songs are the original recordings by the artists, rather than a cover. The custom song creator was a terrific idea, but it was implemented poorly. The main issue with the song creator is that the songs sound like they are out of on old NES video game, rather than an actual song. The character creator is fun, but also somewhat pointless since one seldom sees their in-game character while playing. The main draw to these "rhythm" games is the multiplayer, and World Tour does not fail. For those who are unfamiliar with the Guitar Hero series, a "beginner" difficulty has been added so that anyone can join in. One major flaw in the multiplayer is that if one player fails, the entire band fails, unlike in Rock Band where if a player fails they can be saved by their band mates. In conclusion World Tour presents many interesting ideas, falls short on some, but is overall a great experience.

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