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FarCry 2 on Xbox 360

October 20, 2009
By AaronWeisman BRONZE, South Beach, Florida
AaronWeisman BRONZE, South Beach, Florida
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FarCry games aren't known for being amazingly good. But FarCry 2, is just about the biggest improvement in a sequel I've ever seen. Ok, when you write a review I feel you need to classify the game. I selected "Grows on you" for many reasons. Ok, this happens in the first minute or so of the game so don't accuse me of spoiling anything. So what happens is you get Malaria. You're probably asking yourself something like this: "What! Malaria? How the heck do you make a game where you have Malaria?" Well here's where the "Grows on you" come in. When I first started playing the game, I was very upset and disappointed that I got Malaria, but later on in 3 hours or so, I was completely fine with Malaria.
You start to not care and when your Malaria strikes because you know the drill. Just take a pill. The more you play the game, the less you care about Malaria, which can be applied to actually having real-life Malaria. The setting also grows on you. You will want to explore every last bit of Africa. The weapons are cool also. From assault rifles, to a flare gun, FarCry got it all. It's missing no components of a perfect game. The only thing keeping from getting a perfect review is the physics engine is a little weird, and gun fights are easy. I use the word "gun fights" because you will fight compounds of enemies and some will only have guns but others have cars.
If there isn't a car you're in luck the only real excuse for dying is you get run over by a car. It's too easy to heal yourself. A simple tap of a button will fully heal you if you are carrying syringes with you (which won't be a problem considering you can carry five of them).
In conclusion, FarCry too is a good game. If you're not into intensity, super tough games, or simple shooters, then don't get this game. But if you're a fan of the genre (which would be a free roam shooter) this is a must buy. You will like this if you're a fan of Mercenaries 2 (you get a good mercenary feel in FarCry considering you are one), and no HUD (game really has no HUD so if you're not into realistic games don't buy this). Otherwise this is a great over the top, graphically beautiful, and intense game revolving around the civil war going on in Africa is definatly worth the pricetag (about $60).

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I'm a fellow gamer who enjoys great games without wanting to spend alot.

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