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CSI Miami

March 18, 2009
By Brittany Collins BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Brittany Collins BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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CSI, Miami is an action-packed show that will get you out of your seat when you watch it. It starts with a forensic science that makes its way from Las Vegas to the streets of Florida in CSI, Miami. Following in the footsteps of CSI, Miami features a whole new team of crime investigators. Investigators on hard probe, the seamy underside on the state when they have to solve a crime and it gets ugly.

The first character I am going to introduce is David Caruso. He is an outgoing talented, down to earth guy, because he is always having a good time. He likes to solve mysteries/cases very seriously. He works hard until he is done with his job. The next person I am going to introduce is Emily Procter. She is a native of Raleigh and she is very smart. She is smart because she knows a lot of things and she is always solving a case. She is the person who works with David Caruso as a detective. They work together well to get things done. Next is Adam Rodriquez. He attended football and is a very kind person. He is a kind person because he isn't mean and he helps people out. Also he is working with David Caruso to solve cases and to figure out who did the crimes. Then there is Klahanie Alexander. He has worked with Whitney Huston before, and is outgoing and talented. He is talented and outgoing because he likes to have everything right and he is curios about every case. He cares about his job and always makes sure the cases are right. Last but not least Rex Linn. He is a built, hulking character. He is frequently as a cast involved in law enforcement. He is a little on the laid-back side, but helps out around the cases. Rex always is trying to get people convinced, he is very smart because he is always is trying to be cool and solve mysteries.

I think my favorite actor is Emily Procter because she is a hardworking detective who is smart (trying to solve cases) and always knows what to do. Also she never gives up even when she is really tired and want to she wont, because she wants to support her team. I think Emily Procter compares to David Caruso because they both are detectives and intelligent. They both solve crimes in a similar way. I think Emily Procter fits the role because she is nice and cares about other people. She is hardworking just like she is in real life. Emily has some funny attitude moments. I just love her as an actress. She gives the role something inspiring to be here on the show.

I recommend this show because to people that like action and don't care for blood, dead bodies or violence. It is very interesting because it has weird parts and sometimes it has a twist. I love this show because it has action a you never know what is going to happen next. Something I don't like as much is seeing all the dead bodies and some of the scenes. For example when they are boring and weird, or when you can't get what is going on because then you don't get the show and there is no point of watching it. This show compares to other CSI shows because it is the same accept in different parts of the country and different characters. My opinion of the director is she or he did a great job producing the show and out great crime scenes in the show. They put a lot of details and effort and time toward the show to make it as good as it is. Also the director made the characters have great dialogue and great personalities in the show. I give this show a 5 star rating.

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DaringRachel said...
on May. 7 2010 at 7:57 pm
Nothing beats Castle. I <3 the two other CSI's (relatable, real, honest, funny, believable people) but I (sorry to slam your review with this comment!!!!) reeeeeeally don't like this one.

regerc said...
on Oct. 11 2009 at 7:01 pm
regerc, State College, Pennsylvania
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This show sounds somewhat interesting from what you described. You did a great job on describing the charecters like when you were describing David Caruso. I got a good understanding of what he his personality is like and what he does. Another thing I liked about your review is you had opinions in your review that most reviews do not have. Like when you were talking about your favorite actor it gave me a lot more of a good understanding to the actor and her roll. The other opinions of this piece that you gave made this show sound really good and now i want to go watch this show.