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November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

Can’t Get Enough Friends

"I'll be there for you…" When most people hear those words they run to their TV sets. Those words are the beginning of the theme song for "Friends." The show is about six friends in the city trying to be successful and find love. It shows weeknights at 11p.m. on FOX 56. "Friends" is a captivating and unique show because of and unpredictable plot, hilarious characters, and out of this world acting.

Friends is an exciting show about these friends, Joey( Matt Le Blanc), Monica (Courtney Cox Arquette), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), who live in the same apartment block in New York City and have known each other since high school. The storyline is very well written along with the characters. The conflicts and crazy twists they write in keep you watching and laughing. In an episode, in the 10th season, Rachel's sister, Amy, shows up out of nowhere and needs a place to stay and Amy pierces Rachel's daughter's (Emma) ears without permission. Talk about a laugh!

The characters are very easy to sympathize and identify with. Phoebe can't keep her opinions in. Joey doesn't want more people living with him. Ross doesn't have trust in Amy watching Emma. Monica and Chandler want things to turn out right. Rachel wants her family and friends happy. They play off each other well. When Amy tells Rachel about Emma's ears being pierced, her reaction back and their argument is very realistic.

The actors are very entertaining and believable. When Ross finds out Emma's ears are pierced, his reaction is priceless. They are fun to watch for many reasons. Joey's expressions (facial and body language) are irreplaceable. No one could do them better.

"Friends" is the most memorable show of all time because of a fresh storyline, a humorous cast, and wonderful acting. There's no reason to miss this show. It's strongly recommended that this fantastically put together show be watched.

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I so do love these series!!! All I want is being a member in such a perfect group!!