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American Horror Story

December 2, 2022
By Allyshofstetter BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Allyshofstetter BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” was a traumatic story between a family and their haunted house. The nerve-racking show explained a story of a family living in a home that has previously been haunted by a family that was murdered in the home. This show always kept me wondering what would happen next. 

The main characters consist of Tate, Spalding, Violet, Sarah, and Jessica. Tate is one of the ghosts that haunts Violet, the teenage girl living in the house. The Harmon family, consisting of Ben, the father; Vivien, the mother; and their daughter, Violet, moves into the “murder house” in which they are unaware that the previous owners were murdered in this house. As the family tries to move out, the mother gets sent away to an insane asylum and the father is twisted in his own thoughts. The daughter is getting haunted by a teenage ghost, named Tate.

They move into this house because the mother, Vivien, wants a fresh start and needs to be moved away from everyone in her hometown. She expects Boston would be a change. After she has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair, with his student. 

This show is found on Hulu, Youtube Movies, Apple TV, and many other platforms. A subscription for Hulu costs about $7.99 a month. Compared to other platforms such as Netflix, which has 3 different plans, but the most basic being $9.99 a month. Hulu consists of many different movies and shows that you cannot find on Netflix. Based on the fact that Hulu is cheaper and has many more incredible shows to watch, I think Hulu would be the best choice to spend your money on. 

Personally, one negative aspect to the show is that the “ghosts” acting is very bad. It confused me and caught me off guard. As I read other reviews, I saw multiple people saying the show was horrible, and the acting, and scripting was terrible. Personally, the scripting and acting of most characters was satisfactory, and intriguing, it kept me wanting to watch it. 

These powerful scenes show how much of an exhilarating, hair-raising show this is. This is why I recommend that you watch Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story.” 

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