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Review Essay. Trailer Park Boys

April 30, 2020
By 1Pulvermacher BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
1Pulvermacher BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The funny, raunchy, and crazy Trailer Park Boys series showcased on Netflix and created/directed by Mike Clattenburg is made to put a smile on your face. The show covers the shenanigans that go on in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park with the main characters: Ricky played by Robb Wells, Julian played by John Paul Tremblay and Bubbles played by Mike Smith. Every episode put a smile on my face no matter what and will do the same for you!

The show consists of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles always looking for ways to make money, although not the ways you would think. They don’t believe in real or respectable jobs to make money, so they find other ways to get it. It seems as if they are always hiding something from everyone because their lives are full of illegal behavior.

To give perspective on this, they are constantly looking for ways to find liquor, marajuana and trying to stay out of jail while they're at it. 

I know what you are thinking: who catches them when they do these illegal things? Well I’m happy you asked, the drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lehey, and the chunky shirtless Randy Bobandy are always coming up with schemes to catch the boys doing something illegal to send them back to jail. These two are relentless.

Now this show will have a different impact on different people. Some may not enjoy the amount of swearing and use of drugs and alcohol; although. You must keep in mind this is not real and they do this to make the audience laugh. 

Another comical concept in the show is the boys, lack of reaction to the trouble they get themselves into. One example is Ricky and Julian’s opinions about prison. Although they do try their best to keep themselves out of prison they both admit that they don’t mind, or better yet, love being in prison. In one episode dedicated to Christmas time they all get themselves in jail and spend the holiday locked up. In this episode Ricky says to the cameraman that being in jail for Christmas is better than being out of jail because they are always warm and get three meals a day. This appeals to many viewers because most likely people would much rather be out of jail for Christmas than in jail.

This show will always put a smile on your face with an amazingly funny and comical storyline. It may not be for some, but it sure was funny to me. In conclusion the Netflix original series Trailer Park Boys is a great show to watch if you are interested in smiling and laughing with your friends and family.

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My name is Sam and I love watching Netflix shows.

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