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   In October, I got to see one of the last living legends of rock music C Carlos Santana. My friends and I saw him on the second night of three nights he played at the Beacon Theater in New York City. The night started out with the opening band, Masque, led by former Living Color guitarist Vernon Reid. A mix of rock and rap, Masque was way too loud. The bass was so loud you felt like your chest was going to crack in half. Overall, they were a decent band, but not one I would see again.

Then the real show began. As soon as Santana hit the stage the place erupted. From the first note of "Angels All Around Us," we all knew, first hand, just why he is a legend. It was incredible. The show progressed beautifully featuring both newer songs and the classics that everyone loved like "Black Magic Woman," "Oyo Como Va," and "Evil Ways." Any fans of the drums were treated to one of the best drum solos I've ever seen. Between the drummer, the percussion player and the conga player all trading off, it was excellent. Don't even get me started on the bass solo ... WOW!!

The best part of the night happened during one of the last songs. Carlos and the band picked people out of the audience to come up on the stage and dance. This drove the crowd nuts, everyone was having a good time.

The great thing about Carlos Santana is that you can see that for him, it wasn't about being a rock star, it was just about having a good time, not to mention his musicianship and longevity which are a true inspiration for all musicians

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