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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   AphexTwin is a true genius, but misunderstood by many. He has created many beautifulworks using only synthesizers and computers, and they sound unlike anythingyou've ever heard.

The genius behind these works of art is Richard D.James who lives in England and is constantly making new recordings. Unbelievably,his first release was when he was only 14 years old. His early works can be heardon "Selected Ambient Works 85-92."

One year later "SelectedAmbient Works Vol. II" was released. This is the most relaxing music I haveever heard. The songs don't have beats, which is made up for with beautifulviolin sounds and many different atmospheres.

After this beginning withcalm relaxing beats, he slips into the sublime with "I Care Because YouDo."

Usually the beats remain relaxing, but some songs convey anaura of fear and death, such as "Icct Hedral." His most brilliant workon this recording is "Acrid Avid Jam," a calm drumline with synthslined all over the song.

One year after "I Care Because You Do,"came the self-titled "Richard D. James Album" full of harder beats.This CD is more aggressive, and is a very short listen. It has 15 songs, mostonly lasting two to three minutes. Here you are thrown back and forth betweendifferent moods. The mellow lines of "4," followed by the mayhem of"Cornish Acid" is simply brilliant.

After the "Richard D.James Album," many believed the Aphex Twin had slipped into retirement, buthe gave everyone a surprise with his most recent release, "Drukqs."There is some speculation about what the name means, but the common definition is"Press Use."

This CD conveys many moods. From the sad piano of"Beskhu3epnm," to the aggressive "Cock/Ver 10" to the calmdrumbeats of "Taking Control," this CD has it all.

This artistis definitely worth a listen. Some might find his music ear-shattering, whileothers will look at it as one of the most innovative and brilliant ever. Go checkout his works today. I suggest getting either of the "Selected AmbientWorks" first since some of his other stuff might scare you if you have juststarted listening to him.

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