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February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Music is what makes our world go round. We get ideas from music and it allows us to think freely and speak up. To me music always makes me happy and gets everything off of my mind. Days when I am feeling down I just get my ipod and listen to music. Also, my friends have told me that they do the same thing when they are having trouble in their life. Music can also help me do my homework faster. for some reason, when i do my homework and listen to music I get it done much faster. Music is very powerful also. It affects different people in many ways. For example, one of my friends is on this school education program, and during class he listens to his ipod because it helps him learn easier. I also play sports, so before games I listen to my ipod because it helps me get pumped up for the game. Even my four year old listens to music and because of it I think he will be a very bright boy. Music also helps some people to think better. When I do my math homework I listen to my ipod and I finish my math very quickly. Music also passes time by when you are traveling to somewhere far. This is my opinion about music.

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