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Kabul Express

March 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Readers, I am going to talk to you about the Indian movie, Kabul Express directed by Kabir Khan. This movie depicts the plights and miseries of the Afghanis in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

This documentary portrays sorrow, depression, helplessness, tears, guns, orphans, begging women, Talibs, wars and broken-hearts. Shattered ruins and homes, torn and burnt books, blood-shed and withered trees is all that’s left of Afghanistan.

This movie portrays the journey of 5 different people, traveling to the border of Pakistan.
2 Indian journalists, Suhail Khan and Jai Kapoor, 1 American journalist, Jessica Beckham, 1 Pakistani driver, Khyber and a Talib, Imran Khan who travel together, as hostages, getting away and getting caught again and again, mishaps and lots of other fooling around went on until the journalists actually became friends with the Talib.
But how could these journalists say that they had become friends with an enemy to the public?

It went like this firstly. Pakistan created the Taliban. Pakistan sent in lots of soldiers to fight along side the Taliban and Imran Khan was one them. When America later put their foot down and tried to clear out the Taliban, Pakistan deserted the Taliban to appease America or else Pakistan would get crushed down by the Americans. When this happened, lots of Pakistani soldiers were stranded in Afghanistan and had no other choice but to join the Taliban.

If these Pakistani soldiers were in Afghanistan, they would be killed because they are the soldiers who joined the Taliban. And if they would go to Pakistan, they would be killed there too because Pakistan would not want a Talib to enter their country and stay there as a threat that he is Talib. Islamabad’s politicians had declared that there were no Pakistanis in Afghanistan, but they were lying and were not sure themselves. After the Taliban were wiped out, other Pakistani- Talibs went in hiding. And that’s why Imran Khan hijacked the journalists’ vehicle and hijacked them to take him back to his own country Pakistan.

But sadly, When Imran gets to the border, his own people; the Pakistani soldiers at the border shoot him down. He had evidence, his i.d. card but they didn’t care to come closer and at least see it. Even after he was shot they didn’t bother to look at the persons face or who he was or what or nothing. Just killed him for the heck of it. Even the soldiers in command tried to convince the commander saying that he might be a Pakistan and might be one of them but the commander just didn’t care.

None of the Indians hurt him, the American journalist did nothing to him and so did the driver but his own people had betrayed him and killing him.
All the soldiers had to do was to go a bit further and see what he was shouting about all the time. Everything could have happened, but the laziness and the stick-to-the-orders thought were roaming like ghosts in those peoples’ minds. And even if they had not killed Imran, Imran would have been proof that there still might be Pakistanis stranded in Afghanistan like how he was. The People in Islamabad would have been proven wrong and the world would have hated them for making fake statements in a crucial issue like this.

This documentary is a must watch. People from all over the world should watch this movie and know what is going on. Islamic Extremists can’t go about getting girls married at the age of 10 and beating up women in public if they were not with their father, brother or husband. Education for girls is stopped. No entertainment, no fun, no happiness, nothing.
We should try and stop all these extreme terrorists and horrific acts before it’s too late, if not for the sake of Religion but at least for the sake of Humanity.

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