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The Illusionist

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Mystery, Magic, Love. How far will one couple go to find it? Set in the rustic Vienna, and the budding 1700's, this movie will leave you with wonder and awe.

The movie beggins in cauose. The magician Esienhiem is sitting surrounded by police. The crowd is jittery. The chief inspector for the crown prince, Inspector Uhl demands he stops this nonsense. He is being arrested. Someone in the crownd screams that Duchess Sofia has come back.

After this the movie more or less goes into a flash back, of when Esienhiem and Duchase Sofia were children. Sofia was born royally. When her family goes to order a dresser from the carpenter she meets Esienheim. They play together and quickly become friends. When its time to go her parents pull her away and tell her she can never be friends with a commener. But in her willingness she disobeys and secretly sneaks out of the palace, and back again for countless years. Until they are found out and seperated.

They meet again in Vienna almost 20 years later. Esienheim has come back to run a magic show. Intantly he finds and captivates Sophia and her fiance the Crown Prince; when they come to his show. But Esienhiem and Sophia's hidden love emerges and they cannot be without each other. They devise a plan.

The next day Sofia slips out. She fights with the Crown Prince, and she runs for her life to the stables. A servant sees the Crown Prince stagger in the stable, and Sofia riding slumped on her horse, blood draining.
A massive search for her follow. Esienheim intent on the search effort finds her...dead in the river.

Grief overtakes him, and he sucludes to himself. But the public won't leave him alone and he opens another show. This time instead of showing happy magic, he shows almost dark magic. Bringing the image of "soul" of someone back from the dead. This progress until it reaches full circle and the beggining.

Surrounded by police, he turns, and disappeers like a ghost. A mad search goes on for him. But they cannot find him. But someone catches on.. Inspector Uhl finds Esienhiem leaving on a train... what will happen? Is Sophia really dead? What of the Crown Prince? What about true love?

Over all the movie is great... I really suggest it to anyone. Go see it. It's worth your time.

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