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Ladder 49

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

My movie review is on the movie Ladder 49. This movie is very interesting and shows the interesting facts and suspense’s of being a firefighter. The main character is John Travolta. He plays a firefighter in this film. He meets a beautiful young woman. They get married and have two beautiful children together. One boy and one girl. John Travolta’s (Jacks) wife goes day by day worrying about her husband and if he is going to come home that night. One sentence she repeats a lot in this film is, “I’m scared that one day that red car is going to pull into the driveway and you’re not going to come home.” The red car is the car that pulls up in your driveway when something happens to you if you are a firefighter. They pull up and come into your house and tell you what happened to whoever it is that is the firefighter in your family. And Jacks wife is scared that he is going to die and not come home from work one day. And that the red car is going to pull up. I’m not going to ruin the ending of the story. So if you want to know more, watch the movie Ladder 49.

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