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Resident Evil: Extinction

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

In the first two movies of this trilogy, Alice has survived zombies, monsters, dogs, and giant tyrant-like monsters. It is now a couple years later and the whole state of Las Vegas is a desert…literally. Everything in Las Vegas is overrun with zombies.
Alice has survived the horror of the apocalypse and now is on her way to try and stop the t-virus from invading the world. Now her job is not going to be so easy with the Umbrella Corporation still on her case. The Umbrella Corporation has been trying to clone the perfect fighting machine… Alice. Every clone they make is not good enough to be the real Alice. After many clones are killed in attempts of training, the Umbrella Corporation is tired of the fake Alice, so they do everything in their power to try and find the real Alice. Besides the hunt for Alice, she meets up with some other survivors, and some that she has met before. Carlos Oliviera is a part of the S.T.A.R.S. and knows Alice from past times. Together Alice, Carlos and some other survivors try to stop the overrun of Zombies.
Resident Evil: Extinction is an exceptional thriller/horror because the movie has all the elements, the scary villain-like guy after Alice, just enough suspense to fulfill the need. In parts of the movie you have the element of surprise that will blow you away. The rating of this movie is R, so I would recommend this movie to older audiences."A true Horror movie for the horror fan in you."

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