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The Classic

October 28, 2010
By teddychanfanatic2 SILVER, Montgomery, Alabama
teddychanfanatic2 SILVER, Montgomery, Alabama
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I recently watched a really great KoreanI thought was wonderful called The Classic. It's a movie that parallels the love life of a mother and daughter.

Ji-hae is the lead character who finds herself stuck in a love triangle among her desperate bestfriend, Soo-Gyung,and her secret crush, Sang-Min,who happens to be Soo-Gyung's boyfriend. Ji-hae constantly acts as the third wheel as her bestfriend forces her to tag along on dates. Ji-hae tries to hide her feelings to please her friend, not wanting to come between the two. While dealing with the problems of her own love life she reads her mother's old love letters that detail a similar circumstance, however it is her mother, Ji-hie, who is trapped between two best friends.
The story flashes back to the Korean War were Jun-ho writes letters for his comrads while in the army. He starts writting letters for his best friend Tae-su, and later realizes that the girl who he writes to is actually the same girl who he met and fell in love with years earlier. The two meet again and Ji-hie is torn between her feelings between the two friends.
The movie constantly changes from the future and the past, showing what happens to the mother and the daughter. These changes are sometimes hard to notice, especially since the role of the mother and the daughter are played by the same actress. Another problem I had with the movie is it's ending. The movie was too long and could have been stopped a few scenes before its actual endtime. It almost seemed as if the director did not wich seen he wanted to end the movie with and chose to keep them both just to be safe.
Despite the minor problems, I really enjoyed watching this film.The film didn't take itself too seriously. It had a good balance between romance and comedy, but never lost the its focus. There were a few twists and oh-my-gosh moments in the movie that caught my attention. A few tear jerking moments are laced within the film also. I loved the movie, the plot, and the characters, especially Tae-su who surprised me throughout the movie and brought in a lot of the comedy. The Classic was absolutely delightful and entertaining. Hopefully American writers will look towards this film for inspiration. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes foreign films and romance movies. It gets a 4.5 out of 5.

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