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Let's Talk About Love - A Review

June 11, 2018
By nataliedc12 PLATINUM, Crafton, Pennsylvania
nataliedc12 PLATINUM, Crafton, Pennsylvania
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"If nobody is listening, am I making any sound at all?" ~ Alice Oseman

“Alice stood, stopping and starting whatever she had planned to say. Her mouth moved, forming shapes of words, but only tiny ticks of noise echoed in the back of her throat. A sharp, bruising ache crept upward from the pit of her stomach”. This is a quote from the very first page of Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann and I must say that - as I read these first few sentences - I immediately knew I would immensely enjoy this novel.

I wasn’t wrong.

From the relatable relationships, friendships and conversations to the beautiful, vivid language used to describe anything and everything to the quirky and queer female protagonist, Let’s Talk About Love has it all. When I first heard about this book and read its synopsis I was elated and eager as well as hesitant and nervous towards the plot. The fact that the story was centered on an asexual main character fascinated me as it was a totally different plot and story than I was used to reading about. However excited I may have been, I was also somewhat hesitant as I crossed my fingers and hoped that the author managed to do a somewhat decent job – at the very least – of accurately portraying an asexual main character. To put it frankly, I was expecting one of those stories where the character says they are aromantic or asexual and then completely changes their mind by the end of the book once their “one true love” enters the picture.

But this story proved to be the opposite of my poor expectations and I was – and still am – thoroughly impressed by how beautifully and accurately the main character’s identity was portrayed. Of course I’m not an expert on asexuality or anything like that (as I did learn quite a few things myself from reading this book) but in my honest opinion, I’d say that Claire Kann did an excellent job wholeheartedly portraying this character, her situations and relationships as well as her whole story realistically and accurately. And I hope that any future readers of this book feel the same way.

That being said - if you are interested in this unique story and plot - feel free to run down to your local bookstore or even library and pick up a copy of Let’s Talk About Love! I assure you that you won’t regret it!    

The author's comments:

Happy reading! <3

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