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A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

April 26, 2012
By tinytechie SILVER, 34 Ridgewood St., Connecticut
tinytechie SILVER, 34 Ridgewood St., Connecticut
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In the words of the not-so-great author, Adam Gidwitz, “This is a really intense story, filled with blood and gore, and death, and the real, awesome versions of fairytales (especially Hansel and Gretel. Just make sure there are no little kids around because they will have nightmares.”
Really, this book is horrible. Let me tell you why…
Hansel and Gretel are the twin prince and princess of the kingdom of Grimm. Their parents have a long and complicated history. After their heads are chopped off and magically placed back on, they decide to run away from the parents who killed them. They run throughout the world, trying to find a good family who will not kill them. Unfortunately, they meet the witch from Hansel and Gretel, them human parents of seven sparrows, an evil, soul eating warlock, a talking tree, and some other things, for example, the Devil. I’ll let you, if you are unwise, find out the cheesy ending for yourself.
So… I think this book is not a worthwhile read because of one word: over exaggeration. Gidwitz uses a narrator to constantly interject and remind you how awesomely gory this next part will be, but for this build-up, there is very little true, scary, make you pee-in-your-pants gore. For example:
Get out small children out of the room.
This will scare them beyond belief because this wolf is sick, like REALLY sick.
Are they all out? Good.
This part with a wolf may seem to be amazing, but then he goes on to say may five sentences about how it will be gross, explaining the characters evilness, and then having them be defeated. It’s not really that intense and his narration ruined it for me.

Now, I will say one thing in favor of this book. Every person with a Y Chromosome, that is to say boys, has liked this book. Blame on whatever you want, they just do. I doubt that it has to do with the level of so called ‘gore’ because I am a girl and I was bored by it. My advice: Girls should avoid this book at all costs and silly boys with too much time could give it a shot.

Just kidding. This is a great book.


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great review!!!