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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

January 29, 2012
By bubblesrfun GOLD, Muskego, Wisconsin
bubblesrfun GOLD, Muskego, Wisconsin
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Be your own kind of beautiful.

“Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch – this is the Capitol's way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy. Whatever words they use, the real message is clear. "Look how we take your children and sacrifice them and there's nothing you can do. If you lift a finger, we will destroy every last one of you.”

Katniss Everdeen is a poor, underfed girl from District 12, which is in the current North America. The government does little to support her starving district and cares little about any of the district’s well being.Katniss is the sole reason her family survives, breaking the rules to go hunting everyday in order to put food on the table for herself, her mother, and her little sister Prim. Katniss is an expert with her bow and arrow, which her deceased father taught her to use.

The Hunger Games are the Capitol’s way of getting back at the residents of the district, for a rebellion that happened very long ago. From each of the 12 districts, 2 tributes are drawn, a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18. It is a death sentence. The tributes are dropped into an arena where they must fight to the death; only one winner is allowed. The winning tribute returns to their district with fame and fortune; everything is at their disposal now.

At the Reaping, Prim is drawn. Prim is not only just 12 years old, but Katniss loves her more than anything; Katniss volunteers to replace Prim as tribute. Now Katniss must fight; and really fight. Because if Katniss doesn’t survive, there is a chance that her mother will get depressed again and if that happens, Prim will surely starve.

The only way is to win. And to win, Katniss will have to kill. But worse than that, it will be aired live, with everyone in the districts forced to watch. If Katniss doesn’t win, not only will Prim die, but Prim will have to watch her die. This is not an option.

The sequels to The Hunger Games are Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

The author's comments:
This is a really good book! Very exciting and the sequels are even better!

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on Feb. 7 2012 at 5:25 pm
caitlinbiggs BRONZE, Washburn, Tennessee
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'' life sucks and then u die''

Loved this book thought i liked the 2nd book better this author is a true artist at work. Read more of her book2 including this wounderful one , peace.