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the dark is rising

December 5, 2007
By Anonymous

the dark is rising

Sometime back my dad was urging me to get a book when I first spotted “The Dark is Rising.” The Dark is Rising is a very exciting and interesting book. When I read the back I thought to myself “Wow!” it really lured me in because it was the exact type of book I was looking for.

The Dark is Rising is about a boy named Will Stanton who has been chosen by birth to stop evil from destroying the world. When I first read this I thought “Oh its just another evil tries to kill world, and a thirteen year old saves the world.” Actually its really about how he travels through time to rewrite the past to stop the evil in the future, almost the same.

I thought the book was very fun and exciting. It is a type of a book for people that love suspense and thrillers. This book will make you want to keep reading and reading. The authors writing is so exciting that once you start reading you don't wanna put the book down and once you do, you wont stop thinking about it.

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