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November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

Chris wooding’s Poison is a compelling story worth reading. Poison is a sixteen-year-old who is often inpatient and rude. Purposely doing things to agitate her mischievous stepmother like when she intentionally chose her name as poison inspite her stepmothers cruel words earlier that morning,
“you are poison to this family poison.” In the end her unruly attitude helps her become the heroine of her own story. When the only person Poison had ever cared for was kidnapped. Poison leaves behind the only home she had ever known to travel into unfamiliar territory. Jumping from the human realm to the pherie realm along with her new found comrades; an intelligent cat named Anderson, a youthful housemaid peppercorn, and an old worn out carter named Bram. They search for Poisons lost sister and hunt down the murderous perpetrator that had snatched her away. But it wont be easy in order to retrieve her sister Poison must over come many obstacles, out wit a trickster, and find the key to the mystery she must solve. Would meeting the famous Hierophant who she now found had momentarily taken over her life in order to control her destiny get in her way? Will she be able to do it when there’s an unexpected murder?
You won’t know until you read this amusing fantasy that moves at quick pace and pulls the readers toward the gripping plot. This fantastic story will give many fantasy writers a run for there money. Once you read this incredible tale you wont waste a second in rating it a five.

Rating: *****

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