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Daddy’s Little Girl

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Daddy’s Little Girl

By: Mary Higgins Clark


Told in present-day New York, Daddy’s Little Girl tells what happens when
29-year old, investigative reporter Ellie Cavanaugh tries to keep her sister’s murderer, Rob, in jail. Haunted for twenty-two years by Andrea’s, her deceased 15-year old sister, death, Ellie dives into Rob’s past and digs up some horrifying secrets that makes her wonder, who really killed Andrea? More importantly, who is trying to get rid of Ellie?

Daddy’s Little Girl is a very powerful book in learning how to forgive and showing fear. Through out Ellie’s experiences she learns how to forgive herself for what happened and how to forgive her father for his past actions. Mary Higgins Clark shows fear in all her characters through the actions and dialogue of her suspending novel-told through Ellie’s point of view. Clark reveals Rob’s fear though his actions in trying to get rid of Ellie. Teddy and her dad’s concern for her life shows their fear. Ellie expresses fear through her actions and dialogue. Even though Ellie tries to cover up her fear by telling Teddy, “Teddy, I know you mean well. I know your father means well. But you can’t be trailing after me. I am perfectly fine, and I can take care of myself,” her fear is still present.

Both Mary Higgins Clark and Lois Duncan pull their readers into the story from the first page. Although they both write about mysterious adventures, Lois Duncan mixes fantasy into her most of her books while Clark adds murder into the mix. Clark’s novel is hard to put down once you start. With her non-stop action, on-going suspense, and mysterious events, Mary Higgins Clark pulls readers into the story. Clark’s book is for fans of murder and of mystery. Daddy’s Little Girl is the book that makes you want to say “5 more minuets,” until you reach the end.

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