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By Anonymous

   Recently I attended a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, playing at the Colonial Theatre in Boston. The play stars famous actor and singer Donny Osmond as Joseph. My initial reaction when I received the tickets was that the show would probably be good, but how exciting could a religious figure's life in Canaan and Egypt possibly be? I soon found out that it was very exciting, or at least Andrew Lloyd Webber made it appear that way.

The show included men in loin cloths, Elvis impersonators, rainbow-colored sheep, go-go dancers, and 11 men who were plotting their brother's death. At this point you may think that I'm describing everyday life at a mental institution, but bear with me. The show was filled with equal amounts of comedy and drama. Donny Osmond, along with one of the most talented casts I have ever seen in theatre, made the show enjoyable not only for tiny children, but also for teenagers and adults.

The show opens in Canaan where Joseph, most favored son of Jacob, has just received a technicolor coat from his father. His 11 brothers become insane with jealousy and sell him into slavery to a band of gypsies. Joseph then finds himself in Egypt where through his unique ability to foretell dreams, he leaves behind the wrath of the dungeon and becomes the Pharaoh's personal dream foreteller. You can leave the rest up to your imagination, or you could buy tickets and go see for yourself. I can guarantee that it will be a wise investment.

Joseph is playing at the Colonial Theatre through July. I strongly recommend it for anyone. Whether or not you like musical theatre, it would be an enjoyable experience for anyone, especially teenagers. So don't waste any time, call today

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i love this so much!

on Nov. 10 2008 at 1:15 pm
i LOVED your review. it's too bad it's not playing anymore.