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Feathers and Myself

April 10, 2018
By NarutosimG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
NarutosimG GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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I saw you there
when I was searching and you
stood out with your long black silky feathers.

At first
they were weird to me
but I got closer and they suited you well.

I was searching for something
and you became a part of it, but unfortunately
at that time you were an unknown creature.

I didn’t know what to do
but forget I ever saw you and just like that
you flew away to your destination with a memory I had of you.

All I could say
when I saw you carry it away is
“If it was meant to be it was meant to be.”

just like that
you became a lost memory.

But you came back later
when I was no longer searching but just reflecting
on myself so I couldn't see you or what you were holding.

The only thing I saw
was another person that was
just passing by my close mirrors.

I only recognize you again
when I was searching again for
something else and like before you just stood out.

It took just a bit longer
to collect my data but I made a connection
to you and what you return to me that I didn’t expect to ever see again.

However, I could only stare
at the time and you did the same
except you were waiting and I knew it.

Little did you know
I am not a person who can
let down my barrier even if I wanted to.

I couldn’t extend my hand
like a branch over those walls.

Even though
you show me
a part of you with your song.

You just wouldn’t understand me because
I’m like the water you couldn’t see me
just an empty sky that wrinkles.

What below me
can never be seen or reach
it just too deep even for me.

Yet, that didn’t stop you
from trying so I try as well
but each time we just became rain.

Our element that brought us together
is the one that separated us and with this
we were confused about each other and ourselves.

It was like I had summon a beast that should of died year ago like a T-rex chasing
your feather and it reverse

from you becoming
a wolf and I was
a fish you hunted.

We were so different
and I guess I no longer wanted to
bonded and to know who you are any further.

So my eyes
became the weapon
to trigger that silence between us which started this mess.

You were gone
somewhere I just knew
that you were going to fly away with the seasons.

While I just stare
hoping to reflecting
on your wings for one last time.

Instead I got a feather
from you saying goodbye
but I still hope you still pass by.

Knowing you
would be forever
gone in my life.

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