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txt of god

April 17, 2010
By Cassi Overland SILVER, Dayton, Texas
Cassi Overland SILVER, Dayton, Texas
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Cazey: u know jesus risin from death right?

Mary: Yeah!

Cazey:doesnt make him like a zombie?

Mary: no dear it dont

Cazey:I think so cause when people come from the dead its called a zombie and i dont mean the one that eats brains or flesh but still. or a vampire. OMG what if he was a vampire!

Mary: They arent reall!

Cazey: U never kow alot of people say god is not real and i bet u think he is and u dont actually have proof u just believe and i believe.

Mary:They arent. i believe somethings and i gives me something to work for in life

Cazey: well ok i believe in many things in this world and that will help me through my life u know. u dont have to take it seriously i was just thinking, dont take it to heart

Mary:You dont play around that way

Cazey:Y not who is to say

Mary: well if your goen to play around like tht i dnt wnat to talk to you... bc its not funny.

Cazey:Ur taking it to heart its a question not a real fact. Y u getting all worked up if god is angry he will strike me. Y do you? is it not gods will, he encourages questions so its not like im using his name in vain its a question. if it will make you happy i wont ask question i will forever be consilled in my mind pondering never asking. Is that ur will?

Mary:girl if you have questions bout god........ go to church!

Cazey:OMG seriousle Y besides they probably wont consider my question like any other church i shall be damned questions like that they say should be asked. It is not gods will.

Mary: (no reply)

Cazey: why should god be an argument.

Mary: (no reply)

Cazey: please dont be mad at me!

Mary: (no reply)

Cazey:I can ask questions but if ur gonna be like this just forget it nvm!!!


Cazey: Fine : (

Mary: im not mad....

Cazey: (no reply)

The author's comments:
my friend can be very touchy of god but there is no reason for argument. And yet she insist and you probably insist. Dont be angry at me its only a question


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on May. 10 2010 at 8:50 pm
Cassi Overland SILVER, Dayton, Texas
7 articles 0 photos 4 comments
lol your welcome the thought came to me by reading a sign saying he is risin aah anoyed me lol im glad you like it

on May. 10 2010 at 12:28 pm
ReineBloodwolf GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"I will never fade away" "I will always be with you" "Yours in eternity" "Live for today but, look foward to tomorrow, and never forget to smile"

This made me laugh so hard i feel down on my butt! now i am in a good mood thank you! Keep writing more of these please!