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Thinking of Him

January 2, 2010
By Lixxy_93 DIAMOND, Westminster, California
Lixxy_93 DIAMOND, Westminster, California
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Laying in bed watching time pass by
I find myself thinking of days you made my heart fly
You'd kiss me, and twirl me around
Looks you could give that I'd blush before you even made a sound
Hold me close and whisper I love you
And Id whisper back I love you too
Days of being alone over the weekend
Thought that Sunday would never end
Always walk me to class
Try to make that last moment together last
With those big blue eyes you look so cute
It doesn't detere you when Im depressed and seem to go mute
You make me smile
Even when Im certain I've gone senile
Its the little things you do
That make me fall more and more in love with you
Your little hand made christmas present
That I keep with me alwas to cheer me up and remind me of your presence
Each day I love you more
When Im down thinking of you reminds me whylife is worth fighting for
Its 3am, but I wish I was with you
Even though I'd feel bad cause you need sleep too
But with thoughs of you in my head
The last thing I want is to go to bed
Looking out my window, I see my wishing star
I dont know what to wish for, so I simply ask it where you are
Since you are not here with me
This silent room is not where I want to be
I wish you could hold me, then all would be well
Even though it would put me further under your spell

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