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Holocaust Hospital

May 3, 2019
By Ares354658 BRONZE, Evart, Michigan
Ares354658 BRONZE, Evart, Michigan
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Overestimated their haunting abilities,

This episode, a rare doomsday,

Choked to death in laboratories,

Their sick and wounded prey,

Avoiding their teeth, curved and serrated,

Cutting through flesh, dislodge death,

Typical connoisseurs, overestimated,

Chatter on the radio, blocked breath’,

Ferocious predators suffocate and die,

The Great One-Way witnessed the spectacle,

The rare attention to their little die’ts,

Death may be exceptional’,

Deter their little oxy-gen,

Tangled in netting, remorse from fisher-men.

The author's comments:

This poem reflects on the Holocaust and the many terrible things the victims of this genocide went through. It describes the Holocaust from start to finish and uses complex metaphors to explain it in great depth. This poem is dedicated to the victims and their families; my heart grieves for their trials and tribulations. 

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