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"Change Parade"

September 28, 2015
By LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
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The trees are finally singing
telling…the world to change
our shades and colors are shifting
and my old self becomes estranged

never did I, never did I
expect to be rebuilt again
as the severed leaves play at my

always isn’t forever,
always isn’t forever,

Winters that retract life’s tears
trees’ leaves fall fresh out of fear
cry crisp crunch beneath my feet
my heart-change refuses to retreat

blank black blue my night’s reformed
stars streak skies with hues adorned
I breath in pride, accept the truth
a new rose has bloomed

heartbeat-breath out-eyes close-smiling-my way-no way-truth denying

the Autumnal hourglass
weighs heavy…on both hands
my shifting heartbeat tries hiding
in these forever changing sands

I close my eyes, I close my eyes
yet how does my night still has stars?
when you feel this new heart’s being torn

but always isn’t forever
always isn’t forever

honey-dripping eyes that reveal
quaking fingers need a touch to heal
sunflowery bold breaks when slightly bent
the tongue tortioned tight, enticed not to vent

yet breaking the skin of one’s old shield
the feel of the appeal of a strong sword to wield
a learning knave knows to turn knife to blade
in this Change Parade

a golden metamorphosis
a cocoon woven with strings of life
that one probably won’t…miss

yet suffering has served the string strong
molding my powerful wings
to overcome all those…wrongs

lips that leak the lightness of their life
lonely fingers finally find how to fight change’s strife

wisely walking from wayward lies
swiftly sighing with honeyed eyes
the truth unseen is now truth believed
a new feeling crushed could spell relief

fear is present to be overcome
the rain may still fall with all the battles you’ve won
An ocean of pain fuels future strength
to pull through this parade of change


heartrate-heartquake-wings that won’t break


heartrate-heartquake-wings that won’t break

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