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Her Gold Footprints...

September 14, 2015
By LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
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13 summers of highways have been engraved on her feet
more are to come before her life would be deemed complete
the Himalayas would be, far more easier to climb
as she learns happiness, does not come without strife

all the loves she’s lost, all the loves that she had gained
some lights turned off, but more remained
she looked back at the years, with smiling tears on her face
how we wish we could, now call out her name!

three months have gone before I gathered the strength to spin this song
To think that for sorrow to dissipate it would take this long!
But then I recall her wish…that our lives be success
recollecting her life as I gaze at her gold footprints

They were always there, she was always here!
but the last of her, is now engraved in the earth
so I’ll retrace her…immortal gold footprints
so one day mine own, will have their own

she was of different wood, but our branches once met
of distant blood, but I treasured her more yet
the smile she had, her laugh is echoing
as her golden highways…have reached their ending

The author's comments:

I dedicate this poem to a close relative of a close relative who I knew particulartly well and who had recently passed away. She was an amazing individual who was very hardworking and I wish for the best for her in the next life. 

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