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June 17, 2015
By LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
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I have reached out to the sky
oh little cloud take my hand
and pull me up high
letting my feet escape…from the white sand

then hold me very close
cause I have no plans to return
so let the pressure go down
allowing my fever to rise…I am finally warm

Even though the wind’s so cold
It does not at all feel harsh
because it bears no voice
that would slice or cut my skin…or burn within

my heart is letting go
the past did never exist
do not ever try to ask me why
when my wings are finally soaring high
breaking the sky

the world has always tried to hold me back from the ocean
“don’t wonder into a place that you’ve never been”
but the endless blue melts with the sky and they become one
it’s as if I’ve been standing in one place all my life

the sands mix with wind but remain separate
they dance in the air with overwhelming resonance

If I were so loose, would I move just as freely?
Gliding through the air and leaving my mark across the Earth!

So I will break through the sky
and soar through my obstacles
With the fire of my wings
I will melt away my hardships found…in each icicle
that enters my path and threatens to pierce my pride
however Fall has arrived…and I have found a new light
in breaking the sky!

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