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Evergreen Atrocity

July 4, 2011
By UglyMushroom GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
UglyMushroom GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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"It's a monday. I got nothin' goin' on..." ~O. Rogers

Verse 1:
Walk till your feet freeze
Shadows twist and tease
You think, “No, it won’t be me,”
And then a monster rears its vile teeth
Too bad it’s your reflection that you see

But the snow still falls
and your hopes are mauled
By a bear somewhere out there
in the dark

Walking through an evergreen atrocity
Walking with your eyes closed
Concealing the sorrows
An evergreen atrocity
Needles tipped with cold snow
Secrets nobody knows

Verse 2:
Push on until dawn
Darkness feeds the spawn
You cry, “Oh, where have you gone?”
And won’t you help me? Don’t wait till blood is drawn
Hope seems to be nothing but a con.



But you have the sweet smell of sin for pleasure
A dim hope you’ll find the treasure
Even when the weather is cold
like this

(Chorus x2)

Coda...I think:
Walk till your feet freeze
Shadows twist and tease
You think, No, it won’t be me
And then
you find yourself a monster

The author's comments:
So this is my first real song I've ever written. If you haven't yet read it, be prepared to feel really depressed. And if you have already, sorry I've disturbed you. It's about going through the struggles and pressures of the teenage life; feeling lost, alone, doubting yourself and the people that guide you and that you love. You feel like you will be in this state of awkwardness, depression and fear for forever, hence, "evergreen atrocity." But it won't last forever!!! Hope isn't a con, though I'll admit I've felt that a lot and still do sometimes. I'll post a video of me singing this soon, but it's ment to go to a slow, simple, eerie beat.

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