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May 15, 2011
By Sky.. BRONZE, Manteca, California
Sky.. BRONZE, Manteca, California
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Favorite Quote:
But paradise is locked and bolted…
[So] we must take a journey around the world to see if a back door has perhaps been left open.
-Heinrich von Kleist, “On the Puppet Theater”

“Money talks and a lot of money sings and dances.” -Vane Kattalak

Sought out like the last flames of a soul that once was.
Swarmed upon like the last hours of daylight to a time deprived man;
Thought into by those to weary to except or not full of light;
Searched for by many, found by none;
Claimed by some, owned by none.
Doted upon those thought into existence or those set upon a pedestal so high;
But naught can lay claim to this unattainable existence;
For it is unattainable, after all.

The author's comments:
Perfection is unattainable. I hope all know this. I tried to describe this through a poem type thing I made.

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