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always coming and going

February 9, 2011
By darkness SILVER, Pheonix, Arizona
darkness SILVER, Pheonix, Arizona
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if I walked away would you run,
if I left would you follow,
if I drove from sight would you keep watching,
that i would soon come home
if life had no meaning would you find one
if I was so distant would you bring me back
if I was to travel would you come along
to the place where nothing is wrong
if there was a time and no meaning
if there was a place without care
if I had the guts to say I do
would you always be there
if I was to show you I loved you
if I was to prove that I cared
if I was to write my love on my heart
would you oh would you go there
The things that I say are my emotions
these things I sing in this song
I would never leave you if all just went wrong
I would stay and sing you this song
If I was to move this mountain
just let me whisper this word
I love you forever and always
I would die for you by this sword
Love has no meaning it's never enough
Love without care is no more
Please be my only my love of my life
I'll treat you with care and gentle word

The author's comments:
something for my girlfriend <3 ^^

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