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Spider queen, at best.

July 27, 2010
By jenicex DIAMOND, Passaic, New Jersey
jenicex DIAMOND, Passaic, New Jersey
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"Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly." <3

You couldn't find another girl as cold as her, She'd be the death of you, and wouldn't even have to try. You'd never find another girl like her; she'd steal your heart and push you to the side. She rocks Converse, and skinny jeans, tight shirts, with matching little rings. Makeup and the whole nine, and her attitude -- she thinks she's so fine. But she, she works hard to catch the boys' eyes. And she, she gets the girls, too. 'Cause she, she loves the adrenaline rush, maybe just a little too much. She's always there when it all goes wrong. She's always there to sing along, to the same old f***ed up song. Don't we all seem to fall for the wrong ones? We were destined to fall for her. You'd never get anywhere with her by your side; you'd swear that this would be the last time. But it's never over when you're still on the line, and you know you're not gonna be the one to hang up this time. She needs to win at everything; losing just ain't her scene. It all needs to go her way, or you won't live another day. But she doesn't like the taste -- No she, she hates the taste. And she, she can't take the rejection. 'Cause she, she needs the attention. She thrives for attention. She's always the first one on the scene when someone's heart is broken. But no one's got the evidence to say what should be spoken. Her love is like a poisoned rose. But you keep smelling it, no matter what. Her venom stings, and you know it, but you'll come back, no matter what. Until she breaks you down, turns you inside out, you'll keep coming back, and fall again for the hard attack. It's the spider queen at her best, no need to second guess. Her powers only work for those, who lack the heart to say goodbye.

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