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i dont have a title yet

May 15, 2010
By JessC SILVER, Waterloo, Other
JessC SILVER, Waterloo, Other
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I'm like a whole different person
Nobody knows me anymore
You wouldn't even recognise me
If I was staring into your eyes for eternity
You don't know me anymore
The darkness surrounds me again
Every day it's like I'm going insane
And I need you here with me as I'm fading away

The author's comments:
this is just something random I wrote on my way home from school one day, and i think it would make a good song. I dont know how to continue it tho. or even start is. this could be a second verse so i dunno. give me suggestions please! oh, and im gonna need a title, so if anyone has any suggestions, id like to hear them! thanks! :D

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