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My Only

April 7, 2010
By i-am-nicole-ashley GOLD, Hutchinson, Minnesota
i-am-nicole-ashley GOLD, Hutchinson, Minnesota
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Laying on hard grassy ground
I look up to the blue nothingness sky
Here I am
Here I give up
Here I surrender
Every time I try to forget
It circles my mind again
Your ghost follows me around
I am its home
But it’s my only strength
I can’t go any longer
Can’t breathe anymore

My only piece
(Of you)
My only home
(With you)
My only love
(Is you)
My only heart
(Inside your chest)

My love is only in you
I can’t run away now
I given it all to you
In all of this I forgot
Everything that’s true
How I need you remains
I can still see you when I close my eyes
I can’t lie now

I'm so sorry
At least you don’t have to deal with it
Walking away would
Only be the actual death of me
Constantly you consume me
This time you’ve gone too deep
You have me now

You are my only.

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