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the way you are

September 13, 2009
By SilverSkinItalian BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
SilverSkinItalian BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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the way your eyes look only at me it makes me feel so loved
your skin so soft so cool
the only one whom i care for
the only one i fell for
the only one for me

the way your body moves
your hand on my cheek
i wait
your heart a wild storm
the love i feel is deep
too deep for me to understand

why do i let your laugh take control?
your smile brightens my day
is it your love that comes through?
that conquers and effects me so?
or is it the fact that you care
that makes me feel like i can fly?

the way your hair shines i the light
the wind naturally lifts your sent to me
like a spell you take me
and you have me in your control
and i could care less for i love you so

the way you are
i love you
every inch every curve
you are the best thing in my life
and i never want to let you go
nor do i want you to let go of me
my beauty
my love
my one and only

remember always and forever
you are mine forever
even if only in my heart

The author's comments:
to my one and only, the second song i wrote to you. though this one i put in English. the real is in Italian.

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