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Worthless or Without

June 29, 2021
By Hex SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
Hex SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
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I’m lost without you
You held me together
But now I’m broken
My pieces scattered

We were the perfect match
We still are, yet you’re gone
Won’t you come back?
My heart is broken without you

My soul is cracked and crumbling
I can’t do this without you
No, not without you
No, without you

Please, please come back
Back to me, back to us
Pick up the pieces you left behind
‘Cause without you, I’m broken

Please, please come back
I need you to fix my shattered heart
There’s still a chance
But I’m broken, without you

Without you, I’m broken
Without you, I’m falling
Without you, I won’t make it through
Without you, without you

So please come back

I still remember your back

When you walked away

The only thing to do was pray

That you would see your mistake

And come back to take

Take me away

Take me to freedom

Take me and liberate

The fear that I will be alone forever

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