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The dark Carnival (Hiveswap)

February 6, 2019
By MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
We are all in a simulation,I am awake

In the dark I can see.

The joy of the beams, Hot fires.

Sweet smells of swill vibes.

Purple lust and Red rest fill the room.

Shut your eyes good night, The high blood are coming for you,

Bloodied hands and knuckles were according to plan,

The tears of enemy are the same of our friends

Tell me something I don't know about masking myself

Something I haven't learned about self-hate and love for death

We might be calm, I don't bite

But I'll remind you my teeth are sharp

I find it wicked the mirthful messiahs

Haven't mentioned our luck

Painted face

Grim bases of our horns

Not enough space for low blood to crawl around

Painfully I could breathe but in end am I still me?

Without a reason I'll return to the carnival to show my act again.

The author's comments:

Free verse about the Hiveswap Carnival ...

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