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May 12, 2012
By beckster44 GOLD, Cameron, North Carolina
beckster44 GOLD, Cameron, North Carolina
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Fear: an emotion that makes life so unclear,
It makes us worry for time,
and can turn you bitter like a lime,
It takes away the light,
which causes things to go bump in the night,
It sends shivers down our spins,
and strangles us like thorned vines,
We all live in Fear,
since it can take those we hold so very dear,
It makes the brave hesitate,
even turns love to hate,
I truly despise Fear,
because it can make my eye form a tear,
Yet if we stand for whats right,
then we will always be able to fight,
Never lose hope,
for there is always a way to coup,
Love is forever true,
for it knowns what you can do,
And your heart will make you hear,
there isn't really anything to fear.

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