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October 14, 2021
By centrum_lunae GOLD, Bombay, New York
centrum_lunae GOLD, Bombay, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Life itself is a lie,
the sun will set,
the moon will rise,
even stars must die"

- Blake Normandin

Out of the water, 

Onto the land,

Lost are my people,

Where do I stand?

Out on the water,

Ocean so blue,

Lost are my people,

Where are you?

The waves are risen,

Conquering all,

Out in the water,

I’m waiting for your call.

Water to fields,

Fields to war,

Without you,

I have nothing to live for.

Water is love,

Love is all,

I love you so,

But love caused this downfall.

Trust can’t be hasty,

Time will tell why,

Because when trust is misguided,

Even the phoenix will call its last cry.

Some say love conquers all,

I wonder if that’s true,

But as of right now,

The waters overwhelm you.

In trust there is darkness,

In darkness there’s love,

Love is the waters,

What am I made up of?

The author's comments:

Under any circumstances shall you face a choice between personal benefit and friends, choose friends. I have lost too many. They left a hole unfillable in me. I wanted them gone, now I wouldn't stop to get them back. 

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