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May 15, 2018
By TobiasEliot DIAMOND, San Diego, California
TobiasEliot DIAMOND, San Diego, California
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"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul." -Pablo Neruda

Students milled about the cafeteria, running and laughing.

In my hand I held my fifth Mountain Dew of the night and my seventh soda.

I was buzzing with the sugar and caffeine rush.

It's particularly vivid in my memory, the neon green of the can screaming bright.

Your high school sister, Jamie, was there.

You stood at my left side.

She stood across from you.

She looks a little like you.

She's whispering something to you and I overhear it. 

"You have to tell her you like her."

My heart lifts, but I force it back down.

She's not talking about me. Of course not. 

You look uncomfortable, brushing your blond hair out of your eyes.

I take a sip of my soda. It's sweet, too sweet, but somehow not sweet enough.

Jamie chastens you with her eyes. I pretend I'm not watching.

I try to listen to the conversations around me.

Suddenly, you turn to me.

I look at you.

"I like you." You blurt.

It happened so fast, but in my head I slow it down to savor it.

"Okay. I like you too." I say without thinking.

But it's true, the truest thing I've ever said.

Jamie laughs. "See? Not so bad."

You grin sheepishly and look at the floor.


I didn't sleep for a week after that (also because of the soda). 


I'll wait for you, Alexis. 

The author's comments:

True story. Painful, but true. 

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