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Losing My One

March 7, 2018
By SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
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I lost the one
Who meant the most
Through it all
I kept her close

Now, it doesn’t matter
Now she’s forever gone
Now I’m all alone
Now how can I be strong?

I was rude and I abused
All the love she had for me
I took advantage of the one
Behind all my true glee

You made me laugh
When I was crying
Now that you’re gone
I feel like dying

Now that you’re gone
You’re gone for good
I know that now
I’m just no good

The past is past
Written in stone
No turning back
No going home

You’ve changed the locks
And I’ve lost the key
What once was ours
Is now just you and me

A shattered soul
Lost and confused
Nowhere to go
Nothing to lose

Gamble my life
Oh, sure, what’s the risk?
Here without you
I’m just worthless

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