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February 24, 2018
By SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
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You were my world

The one picked by fate
My one and only
My own soul mate

You were the one that kept me moving
The one that kept my strong
The one right beside me
When you knew something was wrong

Even though you didn’t know it
I made a promise to my self
I promised I’d never hurt you
So I’d never hurt myself

You were all that I thought of
Each day and each night
You owned the face that I thought
Made everything alright

You captivated me with your beauty
Took the breath out of my lungs
You stole my heart like a thief
And that’s when I got stung

You were all that I wanted
You were all that I needed
You were all that I dreamt of
You were all of this to me

But then you broke my heart, broke it in two
Shattered it to pieces
And left me to pick them up
With the loneliest feeling in the world

Yes, the loneliest feeling
The most gut wrenching feeling
Caused by the thought
That you were never coming back

It took me awhile, yes, a long, long while
To except that fact
But I finally did it
When I had people that, unlike you, loved me back

You used to be my one and only
But now that you’re gone
I only have one thing to say:
Good riddance, you b****

Because, you see, I don’t need you
Nor this gut wrenching crap
With it about a person like you
It should have been gone in a snap

You captivated me with your beauty
But then told me lies
Know what? You’re very similar…
To a snake with blue eyes

I know I’m too smart for you
But there are unlucky others
That have yet to get trapped
In your web of lies

There are those that are bullies
There are those that tease
But the most dangerous of all…
Are those that you please

The worst have got a mask
One they can look through
But beware of your heart
Because that is the target they choose

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