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I Am Me

February 24, 2018
By SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
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The notes flow off the strings

As I drag the bow across them
Creating the most beautiful, harmonious sounds
I am a musician

The smells float out of the pot
As the soup comes to a boil
Creating the most flavorful, delicious meal
I am a chef

The silence echoes throughout the theater
As I give my lines
Creating the most perfect, heart-stopping performance
I am an actress

The judge pounds the gavel against the podium
As I anticipate my victory
Creating the most outstanding, triumphant win
I am a lawyer

The sounds of the music dance in my head
As I prance around my room
Creating the most free, embarrassing spectacle
I am a dancer

The planet I know so well slowly fades away
As I realize that the stars can’t shine without darkness
Creating the most awe-inspiring, picture-perfect moment
I am an astronaut

The beauty of the song is clear
As I belt out the last few notes
Creating the most marvelous, spectacular use of my voice
I am a singer

The memories of the bombs bursting in the air come back to me
As the audience gives me a round of applause
Creating the most heartfelt, warm welcome
I am a veteran

The blueprints cover my desk
As I revise them one by one
Creating the most elaborate, genius designs
I am an architect

The patient looks as sick as ever
As I tell the news no one wants to hear
Creating the most heart-breaking, melancholy reunion
I am a doctor

The sounds of people turning the pages of their favorite book is all I hear
As I shelve old and new book alike
Creating the most appeasing, hushed environment
I am a librarian

The words steadily flow out of my mind
As soon as I touch pencil to paper
Creating the most exciting, mesmerizing story
I am a writer

Inside my imagination
I am anything I want to be.
But outside my imagination
I am me.

And that is who I choose to be
Because me is truly beautiful.

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on Apr. 12 2018 at 7:56 pm
SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
17 articles 1 photo 3 comments
I won't comment but I will say that they're nice :P

HammadWaseem said...
on Apr. 7 2018 at 1:49 pm
HammadWaseem, Lahore, Other
0 articles 5 photos 283 comments

Favorite Quote:
Be proud of who you are.

You can't see me
-John Cena

Ooh, somebody stop me!

good job @SmartPanda13 you're really smart in that work. By the way Will you comment on teen ink pics,"Gentleman", "Side View of Sketching Guy" and video,"The Unbeatable Breakdancer"? :)