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This Broken Toy

February 24, 2018
By SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
SmartPanda13 GOLD, Hebron, Kentucky
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This little toy
Is drowning
On the inside.
The depression, sadness
Anger and guilt
That fills her up
Right to the top
Threatens to overflow.
Can’t let it spill.
No, can’t say a word.
Gotta keep it all inside
So no one but she
Gets hurt.
Sometimes a few drops
Fall out here and there
But they’re nothing compared
To the flood
That’s sure to come.
They’ll ask,
“Why didn’t she tell me?”
But in her own way,
She did.
Every drop that fell
Was a little cry for help.
So the real question is,
Why weren’t you listening?
Every single step
Through this heinous battlefield
Rocks the boat
Just a little more than
The last.
Your words are
Your weapons
And you’re not afraid
To use them.
Every blow
This little toy takes
Chips her away
Bit by bit.
Next thing you know,
She’s cracked.
Spreading its thin fingers,
The crack begins to grow.
This cracked toy
Tries to stay together
With bits of tape and glue,
But in the end,
She’s broken
Past the point of fixing.
It’s only a matter of time
Before it all starts slipping out
The cracks
And she falls apart completely
Revealing all that’s real.
Yes, she’ll fall apart.
No one will want her then.
No one wants
The broken toy.
But by then,
This broken toy will be
No more
Than a memory.
As the years
Go on,
From your memory
This broken toy
Will fade.
Maybe down the road,
After many years
Have passed,
When the soldiers
Of this war
Reunite once again,
Her name will leave
Their lips,
And soon be followed
By the dark,
Cold silence
That now surrounds
This broken toy
And inside,
You’ll think
That you should have realized
This broken toy
Was more than you
Cracked her up to be.

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