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January 29, 2018
By Kayashreya SILVER, Novato, California
Kayashreya SILVER, Novato, California
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When I see him smile, in that way
His head tilted, beckoning me his way
What starts as discomfort quickly becomes fear
And I can’t seem to think straight as he comes near
I panic, I cannot breathe
As If I’m trapped in a water pool beneath
He gets closer, smile still there
It makes me shiver  and its more than I can bear
My stomach churns, my body burns
And I cannot help feeling very turned
I do not like this, the way I feel
Whenever he stands there, smiling at me
In fact I hate my fear
Because there is no reason for it, to hear
He is charming, he is so kind
I don’t know why the effect is such a frightful alert in my mind
I want it to vanish, this panic of mine
So that the smile on his face can soon bring one to mine

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